Primary Objective

Register, Educate, Enfranchise

We’ve identified millions of adults in each state who are not registered to vote or rarely vote. We will use our latest modeling techniques to identify these disaffected Americans and get them reengaged in civic life.

Through local field offices led by professional staff and supported by volunteers, we will engage these Americans through door knocking, event tabling, direct mail, telephone, and digital outreach.

We will reach out to them with issue education, including digital and direct mail voter guides, email newsletters,and door-to-door canvassing. As elections approach, we will encourage them to vote early or by absentee ballot and remind them of their election day polling locations and hours.

We will begin our pilot project in Virginia in August, 2017, and expand to eighteen additional states in 2018 before expanding to all fifty states in 2019. What makes Look Ahead America unique is that everything we do is measurable: the number of people we’ve registered, the number of doors we’ve knocked on, the pieces of mail we’ve delivered, and the number of votes cast by people we’ve registered. These metrics allow our donors to hold us accountable.

Consistent with laws governing 501(c)(3) organizations, our targeting is not based on political party affiliation or to benefit any particular candidate.

Secondary Objectives

As budget and human resources allow, we will amplify our primary objective by engaging in additional secondary objectives, including but not limited to the following:

Ballot Box Integrity

Where allowed by law, we will deploy poll watchers with audio-visual equipment to observe election operations to deter and document illegal voting.

Forensic Voter Fraud Investigation

We will apply data forensics to review recent and future elections for anomalies such as votes cast in the names of the deceased, by illegal immigrants or non-citizens, or votes cast through other fraudulent means. As warranted, we will shed a spotlight on any anomalies and, where necessary, provide litigation support.